360 Product Photography: Basic Photoshop Editing

Here is  a video where you will learn the basics of  a Photoshop software owned by Adobe. This video was recorded by Michael of Imajize. Thought I have to share this video for more knowledge about photography. Yes, when you are into photography it is important also that you know how to use photoshop (basically) […]

Importance of a Shutterstock Coupon Code to a Blogger

Being a blogger, you are continually in the need of royalty-free images to make your bottom line more powerful and influential. If you are blogging at least once a day, you certainly need to get a subscription plan that will give you the right amount of images you need. And, that could be a bank […]

Bloggers on Cheap Stock Photos

Cheap stock photos are important to bloggers as they are to web designers. I know a lot of bloggers who simply swear by them. They treat these photos like icings to their cakes and apples to their pies. They are important elements of their blogs as they bring life and appeal to them. Blogs without […]

Improving My Sites with Adobe Stock Photos

According to advertising legend David Ogilvy, the use of stock photos can either increase or decrease readership based on four factors – caption, placement, margin and relevance. If used correctly, they can add value to a website and improve user’s experience. They can hold useful information that makes it difficult for users to overlook them. […]