Bloggers on Cheap Stock Photos

Cheap stock photos are important to bloggers as they are to web designers. I know a lot of bloggers who simply swear by them. They treat these photos like icings to their cakes and apples to their pies. They are important elements of their blogs as they bring life and appeal to them. Blogs without images are like ice creams without flavors. While plain, substantial text is good, adding images to convey the message can make it even better.

I interviewed some of the bloggers to get their opinion about cheap stock images.

Laureen, Fashion Blogger

Fashionable artist

Being a fashion blogger, words are just not enough to describe the outfits I wear. Plain text cannot convey the beautiful image of fashionable clothing and accessories. No one wants to visit a fashion blogger’s website without pictures because they visit our site for style inspiration. That’s why I always make sure that I use images on my blogs. I understand that photoshoots can be lengthy and expensive that’s why I buy stock photo cheap to save time and money.

Johanna, Tech Blogger

tech blogger

As a tech blogger, I deal with the latest gadgets and technologies. Of course, my readers are excited about new items every time they visit my blog. To save money from buying the actual products, I use cheap stock photos to add to my descriptions and reviews so my readers will have a good idea of how the products look like.

Alistair, Travel Blogger

travel blogger

Blogging about my past travels is not the same as writing about the places I want to visit. Of course, I have photos from my previous travels that I can use on my blogs, but they are not as good as the photos taken by artists and photographers in stock photo sites. That’s why I use cheap stock photos. I want my blog to look more appealing and professional. The only way I can achieve that is through stock images.

Jaypee, Food Blogger

food blogger

A good food blogger makes his readers drool by just describing the way it looks and taste. However, some photos will also help him achieve that. As a food blogger myself, I make sure that my blog posts include photos to let my readers see the choices I make when it comes to satisfying my palate. With these pictures, I am hoping they will feel the same way I do every time I deal with food.

Different bloggers have their unique experiences with cheap stock images, but all of them swear by their effect to their blogs and their readers. The same goes with any of you. Whatever your purpose for stock images is, there will always be a stock photo website with a broad library filled with millions of royalty-free images online. Moreover, you will have lots of choices to suit your needs and your budget.

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