Read our iStock Photo Review to Help You Decide

There are a number of stock photo sites in the Internet. Some are cheap, while others are expensive. You can take your time to visit each stock site or you can just read our reviews.

Backed by its parent company Getty Images, iStock is arguably one of the most reliable stock photo sites in the industry today. It has been in business for over 15 years, providing creative professionals with high quality and affordable content.

Here are some basic information about the stock site to help you make an informed decision:

  • iStock has millions of photos, covering various themes and styles.
  • It features a wide variety of image size and resolution.
  • You can get royalty-free license to have broad perpetual usage rights at a one-time fee.
  • Photos are priced according to collection.
  • The Essentials collection consists of low-priced shots at 6 credits each.
  • The Signature collection include higher quality, exclusive photos at 18 credits each.
  • A la carte buying is available through iStock credits.
  • You can buy photos using PayPal or your credit card.
  • The library is highly organized and searchable.

About iStock Credits
You can buy the stock photos you need a la carte. Credits never and individual prices start at $12. If you want to save more for other important activities in your project, you can also purchase credit packs. Credit packs include discounts from the original credit price. Depending on the size of the pack, you can download one photo for as low as $4.

We hope this iStock photo review is helpful. iStock is the place to go for high quality, exclusive content at very low prices. If you want to save more money, get a special iStock coupon code and enjoy a 10% discount on your next purchase.


360 Product Photography: Basic Photoshop Editing

Here is  a video where you will learn the basics of  a Photoshop software owned by Adobe. This video was recorded by Michael of Imajize. Thought I have to share this video for more knowledge about photography. Yes, when you are into photography it is important also that you know how to use photoshop (basically) because this is where you can enhance your photo like colors, adjusting or changing backgrounds or even cropping the image. Hope this video helps and thank you for watching.

Importance of a Shutterstock Coupon Code to a Blogger

Blogger Using Royalty Free ImagesBeing a blogger, you are continually in the need of royalty-free images to make your bottom line more powerful and influential. If you are blogging at least once a day, you certainly need to get a subscription plan that will give you the right amount of images you need. And, that could be a bank breaker. Imagine purchasing numerous images per day. You may be spending a great part of your profit to that. Luckily, there are Shutterstock coupons to give you discounts.

Shutterstock runs an affiliate program that allows other websites to offer Shutterstock coupon codes. These websites are distributed over the Internet. It is your responsibility to deal with the reliable ones. One of the trusted websites, where you can get a Shutterstock coupon code, is There are many other websites out there that claim to offer coupon codes, but not all of them offer active codes.

Get a Coupon for Shutterstock now!


Bloggers need varying amount of images for their creative projects. You probably do, too. While free images in search engines and creative commons sound tempting, you should not rest your blog’s success to these sources – especially if you are trying to save yourself from financial and legal damages. There are stock photo websites that offer affordable images and others even offer coupons to give you further savings.

If you have not found the image bank for your creative projects, Shutterstock makes a very good candidate. It contains over 60 million royalty-free images, illustrations, vectors and music clips in its vast library of creative files, giving you a wide variety of options. Moreover, the website offers coupon codes that give your further discounts. Get a Shutterstock coupon code now and set aside money for other important business operation costs.

Why Should You Choose Shutterstock?

Many other websites also offer millions of stock images and coupon codes. But, why should you choose Shutterstock over them? Well, first, no other website has almost 63 million of creative files on its library. Shutterstock also offers standard licenses based on your creative needs. Do you need fewer images? You can get the Basic license. Do you want more images? Have the Professional license. You even have the option to get a Small Team license if you have up to ten users.

On the other hand, the most obvious reason why you should choose Shutterstock is the coupon codes. Shutterstock offers these coupon codes itself to save you from dealing with untrusted websites. You can enjoy as much as ten percent. The website also affiliates with other sites such as to give you Shutterstock coupons. You might want to deal with these affiliated websites to make sure you are getting active codes.

Bloggers on Cheap Stock Photos

Cheap stock photos are important to bloggers as they are to web designers. I know a lot of bloggers who simply swear by them. They treat these photos like icings to their cakes and apples to their pies. They are important elements of their blogs as they bring life and appeal to them. Blogs without images are like ice creams without flavors. While plain, substantial text is good, adding images to convey the message can make it even better.

I interviewed some of the bloggers to get their opinion about cheap stock images.

Laureen, Fashion Blogger

Fashionable artist

Being a fashion blogger, words are just not enough to describe the outfits I wear. Plain text cannot convey the beautiful image of fashionable clothing and accessories. No one wants to visit a fashion blogger’s website without pictures because they visit our site for style inspiration. That’s why I always make sure that I use images on my blogs. I understand that photoshoots can be lengthy and expensive that’s why I buy stock photo cheap to save time and money.

Johanna, Tech Blogger

tech blogger

As a tech blogger, I deal with the latest gadgets and technologies. Of course, my readers are excited about new items every time they visit my blog. To save money from buying the actual products, I use cheap stock photos to add to my descriptions and reviews so my readers will have a good idea of how the products look like.

Alistair, Travel Blogger

travel blogger

Blogging about my past travels is not the same as writing about the places I want to visit. Of course, I have photos from my previous travels that I can use on my blogs, but they are not as good as the photos taken by artists and photographers in stock photo sites. That’s why I use cheap stock photos. I want my blog to look more appealing and professional. The only way I can achieve that is through stock images.

Jaypee, Food Blogger

food blogger

A good food blogger makes his readers drool by just describing the way it looks and taste. However, some photos will also help him achieve that. As a food blogger myself, I make sure that my blog posts include photos to let my readers see the choices I make when it comes to satisfying my palate. With these pictures, I am hoping they will feel the same way I do every time I deal with food.

Different bloggers have their unique experiences with cheap stock images, but all of them swear by their effect to their blogs and their readers. The same goes with any of you. Whatever your purpose for stock images is, there will always be a stock photo website with a broad library filled with millions of royalty-free images online. Moreover, you will have lots of choices to suit your needs and your budget.

Improving My Sites with Adobe Stock Photos

According to advertising legend David Ogilvy, the use of stock photos can either increase or decrease readership based on four factors – caption, placement, margin and relevance. If used correctly, they can add value to a website and improve user’s experience. They can hold useful information that makes it difficult for users to overlook them. Adobe Stock helps you achieve that by providing gorgeous, high-quality and cheap stock photos.

Young boy kissing his smiling mom

Sample Photo from Adobe Stock

By using Adobe Stock and living by Ogilvy’s insight, I have transformed my websites from ugly and amateurish to sophisticated and professional. I’ve reinvented my old websites to modern ones. From cute cartoons to high-quality photos, I’ve created breathtaking designs that make all my time and effort worth it. Making images and photos a part of my business and content marketing tactics have provided significant results. It enhanced my websites in so many ways. How did stock photos improve my sites? Find out!

  • All my websites now look good. People like eye-candy. They crave for it. They are more likely to browse around websites that are effectively-designed with images. Of course, I make sure that the stock photos I use are relevant to my content to eliminate unrelated visual noise and promote effective visual communication.
  • I’ve gained more readers. Yes, my websites have greater conversion now that I am using Adobe Stock photos. Images are attention-grabbing. They give a boost to your content’s page views. As I’ve said, as long as they are relevant to your content, they will keep your new visitors from hitting the back button.
  • I’ve gained more customers. My websites range from blogs to ecommerce. Through images, my websites have impressed potential customers and turned them into buyers. Eye-catching websites make visitors more likely to buy. In fact, 60% of consumers say that the quality of photos and images play an important part in choosing and buying a product.
  • High-quality images are hip and modern. Whether we admit it or not, people love hip and modern. They trust these kinds of companies. And with Adobe Stock, my websites achieved that. So, now I get more visitors and sales.

Adobe-Stock-logoAdobe Stock provides me with loads of high-quality images that convey the value proposition of my websites. It teases my readers with story appeal. My articles now get up to 94% more total views. Engagement rates in my social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are also higher. Facebook is an important part of my social media marketing strategy and I never fail to include images in my updates.

How about you? Are you also using cheap stock photos to improve your websites? What stock photo agency are you subscribed to? Has it worked for you? I suggest that you also improve your websites with Adobe Stock photos. If you have an online store, expect higher engagement rates and sales. If you issue press releases, expect an increase in online views. I look forward to hearing your own stock photo story.